Do you want to start your own business with minimal risk?

Franchising is the practice of using another firm's successful business model. It can be defined as an authority given to a person or a group of people, allowing them to distribute products or services of the company which is franchising its business, under certain conditions within the agreed area and under the its trademark and logo.
The main advantage for the franchisee is entering already developed business of standardized trade in a successful business system.

Franchising has proved to be extremely successful. It leads to more positive results than in case of an independent performance in the market. It represents effective and safe business cooperation between the franchisee (private entrepreneurs or LLC) and the manufacturer (in this case "Dve Šmizle").

The main reason for you to buy a franchise instead of starting your own business is that you will take a minimal risk and maximise you chance to succeed. A research has shown that 80% of fresh companies (not franchises) fail during the very first year of existence. The reason for such a huge rate of failure is that the owners are forced to control a certain business on their own. This means they learn from their own mistakes. On the other hand, a franchise provides you with the years of their experience from the very beginning.

"Dve Šmizle" offers the following means of cooperation:


The benefits of joining our franchise system:

  • developed business technology and pre-accomplished market leadership
  • reputation and recognisable quality
  • rapid regain of investment and secure business setting and expanding
  • margin - the difference between the  price of purchase and sale is sufficient for the payment of all expenses and making profit
  • methods of sales and trade training, and vendor training
  •  support in work and management of retail facilities, and support in the expansion of retail business and new stores’ opening
  • the most favorable conditions for goods acquisition
  • no seasonal items - the whole range is sold throughout the year

Our stores and franchise stores do not have unsold goods. Our design team is constantly producing new models, which makes our offer most dynamic and interesting.

Welcome to our team!